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I met this East Coast beauty in 2006 at FetishCon. I am usually pretty shy, but she was so beautiful that I had to go up and ask her name. Well things didn't work out that year, but this year we finally got together and I got to tie the little "Princess". I call her that because she talked a good game about how I shouldnt tie her as tight because she was a princess. And I shouldnt pull the gag too tight because she was a princess. It was all in jest, but still that made me want to tie her even more. We all know a princess that we would love to tie. Well this was my chance. I got to tell you it was a blast. And just so you know, beneath the "princess" image is a sweet and loveable young lady that is just plain fun to be around. And we got some great pictures to boot. I can't wait to tie my little Princess again.