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Nikki Dublais Wow!! What can I say about Nikki. First of all she is a good friend of Christina Carter which automatically makes her a good friend of mine. Secondly she is truly like no one else that you will ever meet. Certainly like no one else that I have ever met. This Aussie lass has had a very colorful life and has a million stories to tell, most of which will curl your hair.. Good thing whats left of mine is already curly. She is a switch with a very sadistic side, but it is uniqely balanced with a beautiful submissive side. The transformation is amazing. She LOVES bondage ( and a bit of spanking as well) and is a blast to be around. An amazing sense of humor. A disarming smile and a lean, strong sensual figure. Getting to know her was an absolute pleasure and you are going to love getting to know her as well.